Danubian Peace and Prosperity Party
Δούναβη Ειρήνη και την ευημερία Κόμμα
Leader Alp Mustafa
Founded April 20, 1885
Dissolved January 11, 1887
Preceded by The Danubian Workers' and Laborers' Party
Succeeded by Constitutional Union
Headquarters Heraklion
Ideology Centrism
Unbiased Politics
Political position Central
Official colours Light Blue
Federal Assembly:
1 / 443
Federal Council:
2 / 56

The Danubian Peace and Prosperity Party (D3P) is a Central Party based on the aspects of minimal government involvement in economics, civilian lives, and having a unbiased political view on situations. Born from the ashes of the Danubian Workers' and Laborers' Party, ironically the most violent party in Danubian History, and created by the DWLP's leader Evzan Kanelos's brother Oighrig Kanelos, this party was created after the terrifying and bloody war in Crete. This party was born to be a symbol of hope, and to be hopefully symbol of political unity. After Oighrig had the party set up, and after its first election appearance, Oighrig gave control of the Party to Alp Mustafa. Soon, Alp Mustafa merged the party with the non-Italian members of the Constitutional Union to create the Constitutional Union for Peace and Prosperity.

Eventually, after seven months of negotiations, the CUPP became fully integrated into the CU and was disbanded.