The Danubian Federation
Die Donauföderation/A Dunai Szövetség
Timeline: Allied Powers: DANUBIA

OTL equivalent: Austria-Hungary
Flag of the Danubian Federation- The Danube stripes No coa
Official Flag of the Danubian Federation Coat of Arms
Capitals Vienna, Budapest
Largest city Vienna
Other cities Prague, Lviv, Krakow, Triest, Salzburg
German, Hungarian
  others Italian, Romanian, Polish, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, English
Demonym Danubian
Legislature Constitutional Federal Monarchy
  Royal house: Hapsburg
Area 676,615 km²
Population About 54, 000, 000 (1935 est.) 
Established 1927
Currency Danubian Krone
Time Zone UTC+01:00

The Danubian Federation is a nation in central Europe.

Still a work in progress...

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