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Danubian Assembly Election 1874 (A Federation of Equals)

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Template:Country data Danubian Federation
Danubian Assembly Election, 1874
All 447 to the Assembly
5 May 2005
Turnout 79%
First party Second party Third party
428px-William McKinley by Courtney Art Studio, 1896 Maurras-Lilic 150x150px
Leader Aetios Spiros Jovan Lilic WIP
Leader since 1872 1871 WIP
Leader's seat Crete Illyria WIP
Last election 210 seats, 47% 63 seats, 14% 52 seats, 18.3%
Seats before 210 63 51
Seats won 217^ 94^ 79
Seat change 7^ 94* 11*
Popular vote WIP 5,985,454
Percentage WIP 47% 22.0%
Swing 1.9% 7% 3.7%
Fourth party
Leader Charles Jakopin
Party ADCP

Leader since 1868
Leader's seat Carinthia
Last election WIP
Seats before WIP
Seats won 59
Seat change 11*
Popular vote 5,985,454
Percentage 22.0%
Swing 3.7%

Colours denote the winning party, as shown in the main table of results.

* Indicates boundary change - so this is a nominal figure

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