Danish West Indies
Dansk Vestindien
Timeline: timeline

OTL equivalent: Virgin Islands of the US and of the UK plus Culebra
No flag
Flag of Danish West Indies
(and largest city)
Charlotte Amalie
Other cities Christianstead
Language Danish
Queen Margarethe II
Governor Lars Mikkelsen
Area 595 km²
Population 142,814 
Currency Krone

Originally encompassing only the islands of St. Thomas and St. John, the Danish purchased St. Croix from the French in 1733, and then the islands of Slango (OTL Culebra), Tortola, Kobbero (OTL Virgin Gorda) and Vando (OTL Anegada) from the British in 1777. Despite purchase offers from the United States in 1917 and Louisiana in 1920, the islands remain direct possessions of the Danish Crown.

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