Codex Holmiensis CE 1350
The first page of the Jutlandic Law originally from 1241 in Codex Holmiensis, copied in 1350. The first sentence is:
"Mædh logh skal land byggas"
"With law the land shall be built".
Spoken in Denmark
Faroe Islands
Language family
  • Germanic
    • North Germanic
      • Danish
Bornholmian (Eastern Danish)
South Jutlandic
Insular Danish
Writing system Latin script / Dano-Norwegian alphabet
Danish Braille
Official status
Official language in Flag of Danish MSE (IM) Danish MSE
Flag of Faroese AMSD (IM) Faroese AMSD
Flag of Greenlandic AMSD (IM) Greenlandic AMSD
Flag of the Shugarhai Union Shugarhai Union
Regulated by No official regulation
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Danish (dansk) is a North Germanic language spoken by around 14 million people, principally in Denmark and formally as the official language in former Danish colonies that have became Danish-speaking countries. There are also minor Danish-speaking communities outside Denmark worldwide. Due to immigration and language shift in urban areas, around 15–20% of the population of Greenland speak Danish as their home language.

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