Autonomous Region of Danish Greenland
Timeline: The Green North
DanishGreenlandFlag CoA of Denland
Flag of Danish Greenland Coat of Arms of Danish Greenland
  others English, Greenlandic
Demonym Denland, "Denlandish"
Calling Code +30
Internet TLD .dl
Organizations United Nations, Union of Greenland

The Autonomous Region of Danish Greenland, commonly referred to Danish Greenland and less commonly Denland is a nation situated in south east Greenland.


The name Danish Greenland is unsuprisingly derieved from the island the Autonomous Region is based on, as well as the country that runs the colony.


Danish influence in Greenland can be traced back to personal union of Norway and Denmark under King Olaf II from 1380. Olaf claimed sovereignty over the Norse settlements in Greenland; Brattahlith, Ivittuut and Sandnaes.

In 1605 King Christian of Denmark IV sent an expedition under John Cunningham to find the Norse settlements from which increasing little was being heard. The expedition was a great success. Not only finding and bolstering the settlements, which were suffering under the encroachment of the successful expansion of native tribes under their leader, Kiasik, but silver was also along the coast. This prompted many more expeditions over the next century.

At the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Norway was ceded by Denmark to Sweden and the Greenlandic territories owned by Denmark-Norway were split between the two powers. The borders of Danish Greenland were ratified in 1816 in Garde.

In the 20th Century increasing autonomy was given to the Danish Colony, so that by 1953 Danish Greenland had control over its judicial affairs, policing, education and natural resources.

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