All Danish Claims

  • Europe
  • Scandinavia - Skåne
  • Scandinavia - Norway
  • Island Of Greenland - Greenland
  • Cores
  • Jutland
  • Iceland
  • Some Parts Of Greenland
  • Claimments

Light Blue = Cores

  • Dark Blue = Claims

Gorm-the-oldHarald BlaatandSweyn ForkbeardHarald 2 ukendt kunstner 1685Knut der Große cropped100px100pxSvend estridsenHarald 3. Hen100pxOluf hunger100px100pxErik emuneErik lam100px100pxValdemar 1. den Store100px100px110px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px100px

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