Danilo Aleksandar Petrović-Njegoš
Crown Prince Danilo of Montenegro.jpg
Reign 1 March 1921 - 24 September 1939
Coronation 7 March 1921
Predecessor Nicholas I of Montenegro
Successor Michael of Montenegro
Spouse Duchess Jutta of Mecklenburg
Born 29 June 1871
Cetinje, Montenegro Flag of the Principality of Montenegro
Died 24 September 1939
Vienna, Austria-Hungary Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918)
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy

Danilo of Montenegro was the king of Montenegro from the death of his father in 1921 until his death on 24 September 1939. During the Balkan Wars and the World War he led the Montenegrin Army with his father, the current king. On 1 March 1921 Danilo was proclaimed King of Montenegro and became head of state. Prince Danilo was married to Duchess Jutta of Mecklenburg, though this marriage was childless. He died for unknown reasons on a trip to Vienna. He also is famous as a one-time composer; creating the music for the Serb patriotic song, "Onamo, 'namo!.


Danilo's reign helped foreshadow what would be to come of Serbia and Montenegro. Although not during his reign, Danilo experienced the ideas of Yugoslavia fully; helping command the Montenegrin Army in hopes of winning the war and potentially bringing the concept of Yugoslavia to life. However, Montenegro suffered a defeat during this war, embarrassing him and his country. During his reign, the furthering of diplomatic outreach between Serbia and Montenegro was starting up; this would eventually lead to the formation of the modern state of Serbia and Montenegro. He also established ties with the states in the Adriatic Sea area including Italy and Albania, helping facilitate trade through the sea. However, Montenegro remained neutral when Italy invaded Albania. He died on September 24, 1939, and was succeeded by King Michael.