Daniel Scioli

Portrait of Daniel Scioli

__th President of Argentina
May 1, 2012-present

Predecessor Raúl López
Successor incumbent
Vice President José Manuel de la Sota

Governor of Buenos Aires
December 10, 2007 - April 30, 2012

Predecessor Felipe Solá
Successor Diana Lister

7th President of the Party for Social Justice
2008 - 2012

Predecessor Felipe Solá
Successor Esteban Negrado
Born January 13, 1957
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Spouse Karina Rabolini
Political Party Party for Social Justice
Profession Sportsman, entrepreneur and politician

Daniel Scioli Osvaldo (born January 13, 1957) is the current President of Argentina, and former Governor of Buenos Aires. His four-year term as President (2012-2016, eligible for reelection afterwards) began on May 1, 2012. Scioli, upon ascending the Presidency following the March and April elections, was the sitting Governor (since 2007) and the President of the Party for Social Justice (PJS) until he was forced to resign that office to assume the Presidency. He is the first President to come from a party associated with the left and Peronism since Eduardo Duhalde, who was also a member of the PJS.