Daniel Flynn is a popular franchise consisting of movies, television shows, and books centering around Daniel Flynn, an archaeologist in the 1930s. Flynn, portrayed by Mitt Romney, often battles with the Italians over ancient artifacts that could control the world. There are seven main movies, starting with Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

The first movie is set in 1936. Daniel Flynn is assigned by US Army to find the lost Ark of the Covenant, which the Italians want to use to make their armies invincible. Daniel is helped by his old flame Marion Ravenwood, and Sallah, the "best digger in all of Libya". While searching for the Ark in the Italian colony of Libya, Daniel fights rival archaeologist Rene Belloq, and Italian agent Pino Lombardi. The ark, Flynn, and Marion are captured by Belloq and Lombardi, but they are killed the power of the Ark.

Temple of Doom (1984)

The next movie is a prequel, set in 1935. Daniel escapes some Shanghai crimials with lounge singer Samantha, and his twelve year old sidekick Short Round. They wind up in a village in northern India whose children have been captured by a cult led by Mola Ram. The cult wants to find a relic used by Buddha to rule the world, and has the children search for them in an underground mine. Daniel destroys the mine, saves the children, and defeats Mola Ram while fighting on a bridge.

The Last Crusade (1989)

The Last Crusade opens in 1912, portraying Flynn during one of his earliest adventures. In 1938, Flynn learns his father has been captured by the Italians, and businessman Walter Donovan proposes he search for the Holy Grail, which his father was searching for. Flynn teams up with Romana Giordano, and locates the library with the help of Sallah. Donovan and Giordano are in fact working with the Italians, but are both killed by the temptation of the Grail. Flynn and his dad realize their relationship is more important than the grail, which is destroyed.

The Water of Life (1993)

The Water of Life is set in 1944, during the turning point of the war. In Cuba, Flynn locates a map to the Fountain of Youth. Meeting with Army sergeant Kurt Jackson, they locate a descendant of Juan Ponce de Leon, Mary West. Journeying across the Caribbean, Flynn battles with Cuban soldiers led by Diego Marco, and Italian agent Dominico Greco. Flynn eventually finds it in Florida, however the Fountain is destroyed and Marco is killed in a fierce battle.

The City of Gold (1997)

The City of Gold takes place in 1946. Flynn follows the trail of conquistador Francisco Vasquez de Coronado while teaming up with an outlaw named Jimmy and a female traveller named Lucy. Journeying across the southwestern United States, Flynn is forced to battle Jimmy's former gang, led by Stampede Stan, who want to take all the gold in El Dorado. Stan captures them while they are in the city, but his greed causes it to collapse, killing him. Though they are left with nothing, the southwest is free from Stan's control.

Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull (2008)

Their was supposed to be a Flynn movie in 2002, but George Lucas cancelled it as he ran out of plot ideas. The series picked up again in 2008 with Flynn racing against German soldiers to find the Chrystal Skull, which would give them enermouse power. Flynn reunited with Ravenwood, and discovers he has a son. During battles in Nevada, Connecticut, Peru, and the Amazon, Flynn deals with treachery and Elsa Schieder, a Soviet agent.

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