Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone
Born October 22, 1734
Pennsylvania, British America
Died September 26, 1820
Missouri, Louisiana
Religion Christianity
Spouse Rebecca Boone
Daniel Boone (October 22, 1734 - September 26, 1820) was a British pioneer, explorer and frontiersman who exploits have made him a folk hero in Louisianian history. Boone is famous for exploring what is now known as Transylvania and other areas west of the Appalachian mountains. In 1775 blazed his Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap. There he founded Booneesborough, now known as Shelby.

Due to his previous service in the military, he remained a Loyalist during both American revolts and later migrated to Louisiana. There, he began explorations of western Louisianan lands. In 1810 he founded the British North America Company and in 1813 crossed the Rocky Mountains and reached the Pacific. In 1815 he founded Boonesborough in present day Montana, and became important for incoming settlers. Following this trip he settled down in Missouri with his family.

Due to his exploits he has become a folk hero across British North America. He is now regarded as a Founding Father of Louisiana.

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