Dami IM

Dami Im
Portrait of 임다미

Born: 17 October 1988 (age 27)
Seoul, Korea, United Republic
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, occasional actress
Genre: Pop, gospel
Years active: 2011-present
Religion: Christianity
Dami Im (Korean: 임다미) is a Korean and United Republic singer and songwriter, and occassional actress. Quickly rising to world fame after winning The X Factor in 2012, Im became one of the nation's best selling singers. She was chosen to represent the United Republic at the Worldvision Song Contest, where she won the contest. Im is one of the best selling artists in history, having sold more than 100 million records. Im performed at the Opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Republic City, where she performed her winning song, Sound of Silence and several of her upcoming songs.

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