The American War

Dalmatian War
Republican Spanish Tank-1937

July 25, 1929


February 9, 1932


Adriatic Sea, Northwestern Balkans


Yugoslav Victory

  • Cession of South Slovenia to Yugoslavia
  • Return of the island of Rhodes to Greece

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

RPAU flag The Black Hand With material assistance from... 585px-Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 svg Greece

Flag of Italy (1861-1946)Italy

Flag of Croatia Croatian State


Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Draza Mihailovic

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Gavrilo Princip

585px-Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 svg Alexander Papagos

Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Benito Mussolini

Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Pietro Badoglio




Casualties and Losses
  • 7,180 Deaths
  • 26,000 Injuries
  • 9,130 Deaths
  • 29,880 Injuries

The Dalmatian War was a armed conflict occurring from 1929 to 1932 between the then Fascist nation of Italy and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The war began with the Italian declaration of ownership over Dalmatia, a region along the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, and the Yugoslav refusal to cede it. Italy invaded on July 25th, 1929 and had captured all of Slovenia within four months, prompting Yugoslavia to issue a full mobilization of its land and sea forces.

The Italians saw the war as an opportunity to create a puppet state out of Croatia, as small groups of its people had been fighting for independence from Yugoslavia since its formation in 1918. Once regions of Northern Yugoslavia had been fully annexed, Italy instated the Croatian Free State, allowing the use of Italian armies to be redirected towards the south Adriatic Sea and Macedonia.

Greek intervention with material aid to Yugoslavia eventually put an end to the war, as a lack of supplies in possession of Italy allowed Yugoslav forces to manipulate the Italians into surrender, re-ceding Croatia and Southern Slovenia by April of 1932.

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