— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Countries of Former Yugoslavia and Hungary
Dalmatia II
Location of Dalmatia
(and largest city)
Salonae (Solin)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Greek (Lingua Grecciae)
Roman Polytheism
  others Hellenic Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Pannoni, Grecci, Italian minorities
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor and Senate of Dalmatia
Established 721 (32 BC)

A Short History of Dalmatia

The Dalmatias were, prior to their annexation into the Roman Empire, know as the Kingdom of Illyricum. early in Rome's history was a series of wars know as the Illlyric Wars. One of these Battles led to the coining of the term Pyrrhic Victory which is when one wins a battle but at such a cost that they lose the whole war, such as what happened to Illyricum. The Dalmatians were a people who could speak sufficient Latin and understand the customs of Roman Civilization. They adopted the Senatorial Republican Style of Government after they were admitted into the Senate, though the continued to hold on to their traditional customs, beliefs, governments, tribal organizations, and rituals in local matters.

List of Governors of Dalmatia

The Emperor Jacobus was the earliest source of information from which we have a list of Governors for the Province of Dalmatia, these start in the year 1012 (259 AD).

Honorius Aulia Zosimus 1012-1029 (259-276 AD)

Honorius Aulia Zosimus II 1029-1047 (276-294 AD)

Virilis Aulia Zosimus 1047-1061 (294-308 AD)

Postumus Aulia Zosimus 1061-1069 (308-316 AD)

Narses Maro Prudens 1069-1081 (316-328 AD)

Melissus Micon Labienus 1081-1101 (328-348 AD)

Melissus Micon Labienus II 1101-1126 (348-373 AD)

Melissus Micon Labienus III 1126-1137 (373-384 AD)

Felix Evodius Labienus 1137-1153 (384-400 AD)

Felix Ligustinus Labienus 1153-1168 (400-415 AD)

Felix Pavo Labienus 1168-1182 (415-429 AD)

Nepos Pavo Labienus 1182-1200 (429-447 AD)

Nepos Pavo Labienus 1200-1222 (447-469 AD)


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