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Native to Dali Republic
Ethnicity Dalian people, Chinese people
Native Speakers circa 210 million
Language family
  • Sino-Tibetan
  • Burmese-Dalian
  • Eastern Dalian
  • Suan
  • Qi
  • Cheng
  • Sino-Dalian
Official Status
Official language in Flag of dali cg Dali Republic

Flag of a thing Zhang (China)

Regulated by Institute for the Dalian Language

The Dalian language is a branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family, predominantly spoken in Dali. It is spoken by around 210 million people all around the world, specifically in Tibet, Dali, and Zhang. The earliest traces of the language trace back to about 1600. Dali had been an independent nation for around eight centuries at that point, and isolationism had made the language in Dali gradually change and eventually create a new language. The Dalian language has many similarities with the Chinese language, to the extent that Dalian and Chinese speakers can have a conversation and understand on a relative level what the other person is trying to say. Today numerous dialects are spoken in diaspora around the country.


The Dalian language has six main dialects. Burmese-Dalian is spoken near the border with Burma, and has several similarities to the Burmese language. Burmese and Burmese-Dalian people have a basic connection between their language, and can talk between each other in their languages, though it would be mildly hard to understand for both speakers. The Qi dialect is spoken near the northern border and has slight similarities to the Tibetan and Chinese languages. The Cheng dialect is spoken near the center of Dali, and is the most "Dalian" of the Dalian dialects. Sino-Dalian is the most similar to Chinese of all the dialects, and the Eastern dialect is similar to the Cheng dialect but with very minor differences.

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