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Kingdom of Dali
Timeline: Closed Gate
Flag of dali cg
Flag of Dali
Anthem "大理会蓬勃发展"
(and largest city)
Dali City
  others Chinese, Japanese, Burmese
  others Atheism, Taoism
Demonym Dalian
Government Constitutional monarchy
Internet TLD .dl
Organizations United Nations, East Asian Council

Dali is a constitutional monarchy located in eastern Asia. The emperor has no actual power despite being the head of state. The current emperor of Dali is Duan Guanche.

The Kingdom of Dali started its life as the kingdom of Nanzhao, a Chinese kingdom which stretched into modern-day Thailand and Laos. Modern-day Dali was formed after the Nanzhao was overthrown in 902. Dali is one of the longest, non-interrupted, reigning country in the world, being 1113 years old.

Nowadays, the Dali Kingdom is one of the most powerful countries in eastern Asia along with China and Japan. There are rumors of the nation having warheads, though the kingdom's presidents have consistently denied having such things.

Over time, the kingdom's isolation from China had caused them to develop a unique language similar to the Chinese language; Dalian. It has a lot in common with the Chinese language; a Chinese and Dalian speaker can talk to each other in their mother tongue and relatively understand what the other person is trying to tell them. It also has similarities to the Thai and Burmese languages due to the kingdom's proximity to those nations.

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