State of Dakota
— Subdivision of United States of America
Timeline: An Independent in 2000
Pine Ridge Flag
Flag of State of Dakota
Location of State of Dakota
(and largest city)
Governor Brian Schweitzer
Lt. Governor Russell Charles Means
Area area km²
Population 2,323,000 
Admission September 16th, 2008

Made up of almost all of the old Dakota Territory from the 1800s, the State of Dakota is one of the states created to give the Great Plains a single powerhouse instead of several sparsely populated farm states and Indian tribes that had very little authority in Congress. The state has some of the most liberal Native American Rights in the country, so much so that most calls for secession have stopped, and given the Lakotah tribes that dwell within the state, a far greater level of representation and equality than ever before. This is largely in part to the Equality and Reparations Act, passed by congress, but not signed by President Edwards for ethical reasons, that effectively pays every single group that has demanded reparations for past crimes by the federal government, the money that they have asked for. President Edwards, when asked about not signing the bill, stated, "I don't believe people alive today who never actually experienced these terrible hardships themselves, should be given money that could be used to help everyone get a leg up. Its not equality, its just vengeance that is only going to breed more inequality. Now that is what I believe, but it is not what the American People seem to believe, so I won't veto it, I'll just allow it pass."

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