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King of Vinland from 1162 - 1183 (Assisted by Vagn Hallgrímsson until 1164) 

1151 - 1183  

Dagvard I took over the throne of Vinland after his father's death in 1163. His time as king was described as being very easy for him, as they were already in the middle of the Age of Prosperity. 

Over his time, he attempted to stabilize this age and make it last as long as it could. He made sure more farms were being built, and peace was being made with the colony in Novum Byzantia. 

He was very pro-expansion, and attempted to send as many explorers as possible without breaking the bank. By the end of his time as king, the size of Vinland had more than doubled. 

Since the rest of his family was very pro-Norwegian, he wanted to bring relations up with them. He donated a lot of food to the country, which helped it briefly get out of it's depression. 

He signed a treaty with Novum Byzantia stating that they wouldn't colonize southern of where they had been. 

People describe him as being a very economically-wise king.