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Republic of Dagestan
Республика Дагестан

Republic of the Soviet Union
Timeline: New Union

OTL equivalent: Dagestan
Flag of Dagestan 1994 Coat of Arms of Dagestan
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Dagestan (New Union)
Location of Dagestan
(and largest city)
Russian (lingua franca)
  others Aghul, Avar, Azeri, Chechen, Dargwa, Kumyk, Lak, Lezgian, Nogai, Rutul, Tabasaran, Tat, Tsakhur
Area 50,270 km² (20th)
Population 2,977,419 (14th)
Established January 20, 1921
Admission March 26, 1997
Time zone BAKT (UTC+3)
  summer BAKST (UTC+4)

Dagestan (Russian: Дагестан), officially the Republic of Dagestan, is a republic of the Soviet Union. Initially established in the 1920s, the region would not be upgraded to a full republic until the 1990s. Almost like the USSR in miniature, Dagestan is a republic made up of many different peoples and officially recognizes 14 languages within its borders. Since the 1990s, Dagestan has seen an increase in population, becoming one of the fastest growing republics within the USSR.

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