— Imperial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Romania
Dacia II
Location of Dacia
(and largest city)
Sarmizegetusa Regia
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Dacian (Lingua Daciae)
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Pannoni, Moesi, Sarmati, Getae, Carpi, Costoboci, Roxolani, Iazyges
Government Imperial Province
  legislature Military Governor
Established 851-870 (98-117 AD)

A Short History of Dacia

The Conquest of Dacia was completed by Emperor Trajan from the years 851-870 (98-117 AD). Prior to this Dacians were united in one Kingdom. Dacia was subject to some of the most energetic colonization and mining operations in the Empire. Dacia came under frequent attack prior to the major conquests of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, however, these subsided once there were hardly any enemies which were not part of the Roman Hegemony.

A List of Governors of Dacia

Lists of Dacian Governors have been lost from before Emperor Ignacius.

Eclectus Marius Carnifex 970-992 (217-239 AD)

Cucuphas Marius Carnifax 992-1017 (239-264 AD)

Gracilis Dulcitius Proctor 1017-1034 (264-281 AD)

Naucratius Maximus Ianuarius 1034-1059 (281-306 AD)

Publicus Maximus Ianuarius 1059-1073 (306-320 AD)

Publicus Maximus Ianuarius II 1073-1084 (320-331 AD)

Mellitus Priscillianus Ruso 1084-1102 (331-349 AD)

Quiriac Priscillianus Ruso 1102-1129 (349-376 AD)

Siricus Priscillianus Ruso 1129-1144 (376-391 AD)

Rusticus Priscillianus Ruso 1144-1157 (391-404 AD)

Rusticus Priscillianus Ruso II 1157-1163 (404-410 AD)

Rusticus Priscillianus Ruso III 1163-1176 (410-423 AD)

Quiriac Priscillianus Ruso II 1176-1191 (423-438 AD)

Rusticus Priscillianus Ruso IV 1191-1219 (438-466 AD)


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