The DEC PDP-1 computer with a modified IBM typewriter being used as a terminal and a Type 30 display.

The DEC PDP-1 was a historically significant relatively inexpensive mass-produced computer which was notable in being the beginning of a number of trends in information technology, and also in that it was not influenced by IBM. One of the features of the design was to make it more interactive than the IBM mainframes of the time.

Significant Firsts

The PDP-1 was the first digital computer to include a fully interactive video game, which began the second line of computer gaming history, the other being the Analogue Game tradition started by Television Tennis a few years earlier. It was also the first computer to produce multi-voice music, the first word processor and the operating system provided the inspiration for the DTSS operating system which itself formed the model for the ubiquitous operating system on all modern microcomputers. Without the PDP-1, there would be only analogue video games and electronic music as it is currently understood would never have happened.

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