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D. Luís I (Dark Brazilian Empire)

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D. Luís I (Dark Brazilian Empire)
Dom Luís Gastão.jpg
Reign July 5, 1981 - September 17, 1991
October 1, 1993 - present
Coronation July 5, 1981 (first)
October 1, 1993 (second)
Predecessor D. Pedro III
House Órleans e Bragança
Father D. Pedro III
Mother Maria Isabel da Baviera

Dom Luís Gastão Maria José Pio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga de Orléans e Bragança e Wittelsbach (June 6, 1938) was the Emperor (chief of State and government) of the Dark Brazilian Empire from 1981 to 1991. By 1993, he became the first Emperor (chief of State) of the Third Empire of Brazil.

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