D-Day 46 Map

Map of the World 1970



  • With the BEF wiped out at Dunkirk, Hitler authorizes 'Operation Sealion' to commence. Britain falls after 5 months of long and bloody fighting. Churchill flees to Canada in exile. The BUF are installed as a provisional government.
  • After Britain falls to the Germans, Churchill goes before Congress to urge America to declare war on Germany, which does so. In the meantime, Ireland has fallen to the Germans.


  • On June 22nd three million Axis forces cross over the Soviet border and by late fall/early winter Moscow has fallen and guerrilla fighting has ensued in the Ural Mountains.
  • Now the Germans are eyeing Gibraltar and other British possessions.
  • On December 7th the Americans begin bombing Ireland and start sending paradrops into the occupied Ireland.


  • The Germans are now in a great position and think that the Americans and British Commonwealth is no match as in March they sign peace with the Soviets and the Soviets are now quiet. As for Japan they are about to invade Commonwealth possessions and plan to use blitzkrieg tactics against China to cause surrender. And they are planning a massive invasion of all foreign possessions in Asia and the Pacific and the Japanese are preparing to spread the sun to Hawaii.

On April 4 the Chinese surrender after major party leaders of the nationalists and communists are killed and history is now changed forever. All of China is annexed and on May 1 the Japs go through with their new attacks on enemies. By late-June the Japs have taken over Burma, Eastern India, Northern India, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, French Indochina, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinee. In Europe the Americans begin the invasion of Ireland but it fails miserably and the US plans for a new attack next year. On July 4th, the Japanese invade Mongolia and conquer the Philippines and now the Commonwealth surrenders. Canada and the British Maritime Provinces are annexed by America as are all British Islands and territories in the Atlantic. Australia and New Zealand join Japan and all other colonies are turned over to Germany and Italy. The US surrenders to Japan and are forced to cut their Pacific fleet in-half and may move it to the Atlantic as long as it is not in the Pacific and now the Japs and Americans begin a slow but steady healing friendship but the center of the sun can't hold for too long. The US now can focus on Germany and the Axis and by now has a great chance to take back Britain.


In Japan the Americans hire five assassins to kill the emperor and on February 14th the Japanese have their leader shot and the Americans immedialtely invade and conquer by April. Japan becomes a democracy and is American-controlled and all former possessions are again at their former status and in China a pro-west democracy is put in without much opposition but it becomes very isolationist. On June 12th a joint Anglo-American Operation "Regain Freedom" goes forward and Britain and Ireland are freed by late August. Now the Germans and Americans/British begin a massive build up for the battle of the century will take place in just a few years.


  • US B-29s begin bombing of Germany for the first time.


  • January 5- US and Commonwealth troops breach the Atlantic wall.
  • April 4th- Paris is liberated and the Germans begin to be pushed back.
  • The Manhattan project is successful, and the Americans begin to contemplate a nuclear target.
  • On April 20th, an American B-32 Dominator flies over Berlin and deploys a single Plutonium bomb that wipes out the entire city. Hitler is killed in the blast alongside many of the General staff.
  • Germany surrenders on August 7. Like OTL, Germany is partitioned into East and West, however, because Berlin was nuked, there is no Berlin wall or airlift. also East Germany is much Larger, with most of Germany up to the Rhine occupied by the Soviets.



  • A revolution in Japan startes in August, and by December occupy southern Japan. In order to take back southern Japan, Operation Blowfish is started by America.