Etruscan culture and civilization flourished for a little over half a millennia. Beginning along the western half of Central Italy, the Etruscans prospered and expanded around the Tyrrhenian Sea, reaching from south-central Italy up into Celtic territory. Unfortunately for this civilization, a series of unfortunate events weakened its influence over the peninsula. Eventually, the Etruscan cities fell to the growing Roman Republic, one by one.

However, what would have happened if the Etruscans were able to prevent their fate, to surpass its southern neighbor and become the dominant force on the Italian Peninsula? How would this nation fare when competing against the Greeks, Celts and Carthaginians?

Point of Divergence

634 BCE : Due to the growing Etruscan population, nobles desire for expansion, and a looming Greek presence in Italy, a dozen or so Etruscan cities in Central Italy join together into the Am Thrune Rasenthī (Sovereignty of Etruria).


  1. Rasenthi
  2. Carthago
  3. Graecia


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