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Czlog I
Type Anti-Tank Vehicle
Place of origin Poland
Service history
In service 1939
Used by Polish Republic
Weight 3.2 tonnes
Length 3.24 metres
Diameter 60mm Ballistic Cannon
Crew 12:
  • 2 Drivers
  • 10 Weapon Operators (2 trained in engineering, 1 in field medicine and 1 in communications)
The Polish, Czlog I was designed during the Italian invasion of Yugoslavia. It was designed to combat the Italians, German tanks. The tank held a 60mm Ballistic Cannon capable of piercing up to 80mm thick of armour. The tank was greatly effective especially with 50mm armour. However the Tank lost effectiveness by having a top speed of 20 km/h on road and 10 km/h off-road.

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