Timeline: Quebec Independence
Preceded by 1917-1992 Succeeded by
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austria-Hungary Flag of the Russian ground forces Russia
Flag of the Czech Republic Coat of arms of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic
Flag Coat of Arms

Pravda vítězí / Pravda víťazí (Czech/Slovak)

Anthem "Kde Domov Můj"
Capital Prague
Largest city Prague
  others German, Yiddish
Ethnic Group Czech, Slovak
Government Republic
Currency Koruna

Czechoslovakia was a nation that was created near the end of World War I when it declared independence from Austria-Hungary. An ally of Germany, it fought against France in World War II until it conquered near the end of 1941. Czechoslovakia was liberated near the end of the war by Russia and was forced to join the Eastern Bloc and adopt Unitarianism. Attempted liberalization result in a brutal invasion of the nation by other Eastern Bloc nations. In 1992, Czechoslovakia was annexed by Russia, resulting in a surge of nationalist feelings. In 1997 the Czechs and Slovaks would join the War of Liberation, resulting in their independence from Russia and two separate states for each ethnicity.

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