Československá republika
Republic of Czechoslovakia
1951 –
Flag of the Czech Republic COA of Czechoslovakia
Czech: Pravda vítězí ("Truth prevails")
Kde domov můj, Nad Tatrou sa blýska and Podkarpatskiji Rusíny
Location of Czechoslovakia
Capital Prague
Official language Czech, Slovak, German, Rusyn
Government Republic
Head of state
- 1918-1935
- 1935-1939
Tomáš G. Masaryk
Edvard Beneš
Head of government
- 1918-1919
- 1935-1938
- 1938-1939
Prime Minister
Karel Kramář
Milan Hodža
Jan Syrový
Area 140,800 km²
Population 14,800,000 (1938)
From Austria-Hungary:
From Nazi Germany

October 28, 1918
June 9, 1951
Currency Czechoslovak koruna

Czechoslovakia, officially the Republic of Czechoslovakia (Czech: Československo, Československá republika) was a sovereign state in Central Europe that existed from October 1918 (upon declaring its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire) until March 15, 1939 (when it was annexed by Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Hungary) and was restored in 1951 following the fall of Nazi Germany. Like West Poland, Czechoslovakia has had major problems with GLF troops in the Sudetenland.