Federal Republic of Czechoslovakia
Federální Republika Československa
Timeline: Alternity

OTL equivalent: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Flag of Czechoslovakia Coat of arms of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic
Flag Coat of Arms
Czechoslovakia (Alternity)
Location of Czechoslovakia

Veritas Vincit (Latin)
("Truth Prevails")

Capital Prague
Largest city Prague
Other cities Ostrava, Bratislava
Language Czech, Slovak, English
Demonym Czech, Czechoslovakian
Government Federal parliamentary republic
Population 17,670,000 
Established October 28, 1945
Currency Czechoslovak koruna
Time Zone Central European Time (UTC+1)
  summer CEST (UTC+2)
Internet TLD .cs
Organizations League of Nations
G11 & G30 (observer nation)
European Federation

Czechoslovakia, officially the Federal Republic of Czechoslovakia (FRC) (Czech: Federální Republika Československa), is a landlocked nation located in Central Europe. It shares borders with Germany to the north-northwest, Austria and Hungary to the south, and Poland to the east-northeast.

For nearly a century and half, the territory that comprises modern-day Czechoslovakia was an integral part of the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empires, and from 1919 to 1944-45, part of the Federal States of Greater Austria and Nazi Austria. Czechoslovakia became one of several successor states following the dissolution of Greater Austria in the aftermath of World War II, and established itself as an independent and democratic state in October 1945, following the Treaty of Florence. Czechoslovakia's proximity to Germany made it an allied satellite state of the German Empire for the first twenty-five years of its' existence, until 1970, when Germany joined the anti-Soviet bloc, and Czechoslovakia subsequently declared its' neutrality in the Cold War. In December of 1977, the government called for a constitutional convention, one that would eventually result in the creation of a new Czech-Slovak federation and the establishment of today's federal republic.



Treaty of Florence/Independence (1945)

Czechoslovakia in the Cold War (1946-1993)

German Satellite State (1945-1970)

Neutrality (1970-1992)

New Constitution (1977)

Modern Times (1992-present)





International relations


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