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Czechoslovak federal election, 1946
Flag of Czechoslovakia.svg
Previous election
1935 ← 
Next election
 → 1950

All 300 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
151 seats needed for a majority
24–25 May 1946
First party Second party
Václav Majer Rudolf Beran
Leader Václav Majer Rudolf Beran
Last election 38 seats, 12.55% 45 seats, 14.29%
Seats won
96 / 300
59 / 300
Seat change 58 seats 13 seats
Popular vote 2,626,566 1,617,194
Percentage 31.2% 19.21%
Swing 18.53% 4.92%

Czechoslovak federal election map 1946

Winning party by district (Red: ČSSD, Green: RSZML, Dark Red: Communist, Yellow: ČSL, Blue: SĽS, Pink: ČSNS)

Incumbent Prime Minister
Jan Šrámek
Prime Minister-elect
Václav Majer

Federal elections were held in Czechoslovakia on 25 and 26 May 1961, the first following World War II and the end of the German occupation. It was also the first election held under the new federal constitution of 25 April 1946. All 300 seats in the Federal Assembly were up for election, with MPs elected by party-list proportional representation.

The Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party emerged as the largest party, winning of the 300 seats with 31% of the vote. This was the best performance for a Czechoslovak party up to that time; previously no Czechoslovak party had ever won more than 25 percent of the vote. Voter turnout was 93.8%. The Social Democratic chairman Václav Majer formed a grand coalition with the Republican Party (RSZML), the National Social Party (ČSNS), and the Christian Democrats in ČSL and SĽS and the Communists (KSČ).


Chamber of Deputies

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Summary of the 24–25 May 1946 Federal Council of Czechoslovakia election results
Parties Leaders Votes  % Seats ±
Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party (Československá strana sociálně demokratická) (ČSSD) Václav Majer 2,626,566 31.2% 96 58
Republican Party of Farmers and Peasants (Republikánská strana zemědělského a malorolnického lidu) (RSZML) Rudolf Beran 1,617,194 19.21% 59 13
Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Komunistická strana Československa) (KSČ) Klement Gottwald 1,157,541 13.75% 42 12
Czechoslovak People's Party (Československá strana lidová) (ČSL) Jan Šrámek 930,242 11.05% 34 12
Slovak People's Party (Slovenská ľudová strana) (SĽS) Jozef Tiso 816,592 9.7% 30 8
Czechoslovak National Social Party (Československá strana národně sociální) (ČSNS) Petr Zenkl 631,386 7.5% 23 5
Czechoslovak Traders' Party (Československá živnostensko-obchodnická strana středostavovská) (ČŽOS) Eduard Fusek 454,597 5.4% 16 1
Blank votes 175,945 2.09% 0 0
Invalid votes 8,418 0.1% 0 0
Total (Turnout: 93.8% – electorate: 8,974,927) 8,418,481 100.0% 300
Turnout in the Czech Federative Republic – electorate: 6,850,648 6,452,832 94.4%
Turnout in the Slovak Federative Republic – electorate: 2,124,279 1,965,649 93.2%
Popular Vote

Chamber of Nations

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