Location of Czechoslovakia

Map of Czechoslovakia in 1948.

The Czechoslovak Spring was a big protest that spread all over Czechoslovakia in 1948. The main protesters were communists, and Slovaks. The result was that the Czechoslovak government overthrew the rebels once starting the Czechoslovak Civil War. The communists were mostly all around the country, and the Slovaks were mostly in the Slovakia region. The communists started in Prauge, quickly taking over the streets of Prauge. These '' red rivers'' contained men, women, and children. The army decided to clear them out. The communists ran out of the city. But more and more communists formed all over Czechoslovakia. They all got arms, and then........ attack! Communists poured into Prauge and shot any non- communist on sight. They nearly took over the Capital when non- communists distracted them. The communists turned their attention on them and the army was able to shoot 1/4 of communists.
Flags of New Union

Communist protests in Prauge.

Meanwhile, the Slovaks brought even more chaos. They attacked any pedestrean area. The whole country was thrown into chaos, and the start of a large civil war was about to start.

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