Česká republika
Czech Republic
Flag of Czech Republic (Vegetarian World)
Official languages Czech
Capital Prague (Praha)
Largest City Prague
Population 5,130,000
HDI 0.937 (Very High)
Nation Formed
Currency Czech koruna (CZK)
Our Timeline Equivalent Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in central Europe. It is known particularly for its architecture, which ranges from Medieval to Baroque, and many other classical styles. Prague, its capital, is like a living, breathing museum, as walking down the streets is like taking a stroll through architectural history. All of central Prague has been designated as a protected World Heritage Site. Outside of the cities, there is pristine forest as well. The Czech Republic has one of the highest percentages of forest cover in Europe - 82%. The rest of the country is mostly composed of farmland and towns.



54% Vegetarian
46% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

99% European
94% Czech, Moravian, Silesian
02% Slovak
03% other Europeans (Poles, Germans, etc)
01% others (chiefly Orientals - Vietnamese, etc)


95% Czech
02% Slovak
03% others


81% nonreligious
57% atheist
24% agnostic
12% Christian
08% Catholic
05% Cathar
02% others

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