Cyrulean Empire
Cyrulean Empire Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Cyrulean Empire Map
Cyrulean Empire at its greatest extent in red
(and largest city)
Language Greek
Cyrulean Polytheism
  others Judaism
Demonym Cyrulean
Legislature Emperor
Emperor Aelius Traianus (first)
Emperor Paulus Lucianus (last)
Population est. 60 million 
Established around 6,000 BC
Annexation to Nazcan Kingdom
  date around 3,700 BC
Currency Cyrulean Coins
Time Zone Edenic Standard Time
The Cyrulean Empire is an imperial nation based around the Cyrulean Sea in east Central Gondwana. The empire was established by Aelius Traianus after he organized the confused peoples of the area into a system of government centered around polytheistic beliefs. The Cyrulean Empire never truly attempted to expand into unknown territories, causing a massive overpopulation problem leading to the Nazcan Split in 4,606 BC, in which the city of Nazca and the area around it became an independent kingdom in response to inept leadership of the Cyrulean Empire. The Empire continued its decline for around 900 years before being destroyed by the Nazcan Kingdom under Cephas the Powerful during the Cephasian Conquests.

Military Conflicts

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