Map of Alaska - Soviet, US Zones

Map of OTL Alaska, with the Alaskan SSR in red, and the American State of Alaska in blue.

In 1867, The Russian Empire decides not to sell Alaska, realizing that their asking price was too low. The colony stays in control of the Russian Empire for many more years.

In 1896, Gold is discovered in Alaska. In the OTL, adventurers from Canada and the United States flocked to claim it. In the ATL, Russia clamps down on the adventurers and prospectors, keeping them out of the colony as they are entering illegal. As clashes with local Russian police begin, the empire starts realizing how much could be made if they moderated entry into the colony. Soon, Russia sends reserve troops and workers to man the Russian border. Though it is loose, the Russian Empire starts making millions of rubles off of immigration costs and gold finding taxes.

More Coming Soon...

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