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The flag of Cyrenaica

The flag of Cyrenaica

Cyrenaica certainly has a strange flag. It isn't even known if there is a circle that's supposed to represent the sun, or a new dawn, or a brighter future, et cetera. However, the orange thingy could perhaps represent it. Perhaps the 4 'spikes' sticking out of it represent sunrays. There is a sun on the flag though, next to the spike which point upwards. The sunrays of that sun nearly all have a strange deforming. It is unknown why the sun is right of the cannon and not near the cloud.Yes, we can also see what looks like a cloud with possibly lightning sticking out of it, in the upper left corner. Finally, there's what looks like a cannon, which of course is impossible, for no one knew about cannons or even gunpowder back then. 3 arrows stick out of the cannon, we would think it was an explosion except for the fact that gunpowder hadn't been invented back then. Or was it, had someone perhaps discovered it but never shared it? It's still a great question, and many are searching for proof, and countering it. The cannon seems to be supported with pipes (which of course is also impossible, there were no such pipes back then) or legs. And some strange thing touches the cannon, an arrows or something from above. While most of the background is brown, the lighter brown (or dark yellow) is actually the color of Cyrenaica. Another strange thing, is that the light brown (or dark yellow) isn't a square, but expands (I don't really know how to explain it, so just look at the flag as you probably have done anyway).

Cyrenaica kingdom of bruis

The flag of Cyrenaica under the Kingdom of Bruis

The flag of Cyrenaica under the Kingdom of Bruis

The Kingdom of Bruis added a brownish red border around the flag (brownish red is the color of the Kingdom of Bruis), but, perhaps because the expanding light brown (or, you guessed it right, dark yellow) 'square' didn't look nice with a border around it, made it a proper square, as can be seen.

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