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Cygnian cancellarial election, 2014 (Game of Nations)

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Cygnian cancellarial election, 2014
All 100% of votes from all citizens of Cygnia
50% required to win
2010 ←
6 November 2014 → 2018
Christian Lindner 2013 (cropped) Malcolm Turnbull at the Pentagon 2016 cropped
Nominee Dorian Brandt Matthias Trent
Party Democratic Labour National Unity
Home state South Gascoyne West Kimberley
Popular vote 33,787,826 8,448,776
Election results by state and territory, depending on which candidate received the majority of votes

The Cygnian cancellarial election of 2014 was the 56th quadrennial cancellarial election. It was held on Thursday, 6 November 2014. The Democratic Labour nominee, Senator Dorian Brandt of South Gascoyne, and his running mate, MNA Charlie Chen of Swanstone, achieved a landslide victory, soundly defeating the National Unity nominee, former President of West Kimberley Matthias Trent and his running mate, former Imperial Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Relations Julie Bishop.

The incumbent Chancellor, Thomas F. Holt, announced following the 2012 congressional election that he would not be seeking a third cancellarial term. As a result, a fierce competition ensued between candidates for the DLP nomination. It took 6 months of campaigning before Brandt could secure a victory over initial front-runner Alice Howe in June 2014. Comparatively, the National Unity Party's nominee Matthias Trent secured his party's nomination with ease, becoming the presumptive nominee by March.

Nevertheless, Brandt would go on to win a decisive victory over Trent, winning 80% of the votes, and achieving a majority in 12 of the 18 states and 3 of the 6 territories. Even in an era dominated by the DLP, it was a surprising landslide, and Brandt entered office with an approval rating of 72% – the highest entry approval rating since Felix Colgan's in 1905.

Democratic Labour Party


DLP kangaroo red
Democratic Labour Party Ticket, 2014
Dorian Brandt Charlie Chen
for Chancellor for Vice Chancellor
Christian Lindner 2013 (cropped) Charlie-Chen
Imperial Secretary for Education
Imperial Senator from South Gascoyne
Imperial Senator from Campbell
MNA for the 72nd District

National Unity Party


NUP emu blue
National Unity Party Ticket, 2014
Matthias Trent Julie Bishop
for Chancellor for Vice Chancellor
Malcolm Turnbull at the Pentagon 2016 cropped Julie Bishop 2014
President of West Kimberley
MNA for the 152nd District
Imperial Secretary for Foreign
Affairs and International Relations


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