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Cygnian cancellarial election, 1934 (Game of Nations)

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Cygnian cancellarial election, 1934
All 100% of votes from all citizens of Cygnia
50% required to win
1932 ←
2 February 1934 → 1938
FJHeller-CYG-GoN TTMCross NUP-emblem
Nominee Franklin Jonathan Heller Thomas Hendriksen The Earl Arlyn
Party Socialist Democratic Labour National Unity
Home state Swanstone West Kimberley Stirling
Popular vote 24,320,561 647,926 600,261

An election was held in Cygnia on 2 February 1934 to determine the 24th Chancellor of the Empire of Cygnia. The 1934 elections were ordered by Marshal Franklin Jonathan Heller, who had assumed leadership responsibilities under emergency legislation and martial law following the murder of the Imperial Family and the arrest of previous Chancellor Sir Wesley Orwell on false charges of treason. Heller nominated himself for the Chancellorship representing the National Cygnian Socialist Party, which had been formed several years earlier as a movement within the military and was registered before the elections were called. Thomas Hendriksen won the nomination for the Democratic Labour Party, and Henry Arlyn, 7th Earl Arlyn was nominated as Orwell's replacement for the National Unity Party. The 1934 elections were characterised by intimidation, and were not secret unlike all previous elections. Congressional elections were held on the same day.

The 1934 elections would prove to be the last contested election in Cygnia until 1946, and the last election in the history of the First Empire, as within months a Socialist Party-dominated Congress passed an Act reorganising the Empire into the Democratic Republic of Cygnia. Opposition parties were swiftly banned following the establishment of the Republic, and again new elections for a new Supreme People's Congress were called, although the only options were to approve or disapprove of a pre-nominated Party list, and Congress became a rubberstamp legislature comprising only Socialists and pro-Socialist "guests".

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