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Cygnian Sovereign
ISO 4217 code CYS
User(s) Cygnia
Inflation 0.92%, March 2016.
1/100 Penny
Symbol §
Penny p
Nickname Quid
Template:Wpl sovereigns
Penny pence
Freq. used 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s, §1, §2
Rarely used 1s, 2s,
Freq. used §5, §10, §20, §50, §100, §200, §500
Rarely used §1,000
Central bank Imperial Central Bank of Cygnia
Printer Bureau for the Printing of Currency
Mint Imperial Mint

The Sovereign is the official currency of the Empire of the United Cygnian States. It is subdivided into 100 pence.


Polymer series
Image Value colours Description Date of circulation
Front Back Front Back
5Sov-CYG-GoN §5 Pink Foreground: Alexander I — The first Emperor of the Cygnians. Foreground: Congress Hall — The meeting place for the Imperial Congress of Cygnia. 2008 — present
Background: Barnes' Fleet — The exploration fleet led by Sir James Barnes responsible for the first British sighting of Cygnia.
§10 Blue Foreground: Captain James Barnes — Commanding officer of the HMS Challenger in 1788. Barnes issued the formal proclamation of the Swanstone Colony's establishment. Foreground: 2008 — present
Background: Foundation Day — The proclamation of the Swanstone Colony's establishment.
§20 Red Foreground: Sir Frederick Northam — The first Chancellor of Cygnia. Foreground: 2008 — present
§50 Orange Foreground: Noongar Aboriginals — The native people of Cygnia. Foreground: 2008 — present
Background: The Outback.
§100 Olive Foreground: Nancy Bird Walton — Famous Cygnian aviator. Foreground: 2008 — present
Background: Walton's plane.
§200 Yellow Foreground: Great Swan Emblem — Symbolises the national animal of Cygnia, the Black Swan. The same design also appears atop the Cygnian Imperial State Crown. Foreground: 2008 — present
§500 Purple Foreground: Coat of arms of the House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster. Foreground: 2008 — present
Background: The Outback.
§1,000 Green Foreground: Prince Theodore, Duke of Augusta — The first version of this note was designed and issued in 1825 to celebrate the investiture of the young Prince Theodore, who would become Theodore II, as the Duke of Augusta. This note continues to be circulated, but is rarely used. Foreground: 2008 — present


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