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Cygnian Sovereign
ISO 4217 code CYS
User(s) Cygnia
Inflation 0.10%, March 2016.
1/100 Penny
Symbol §
Penny p
Nickname Quid
Plural sovereigns
Penny pence
Freq. used 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, §1, §2
Freq. used §5, §10, §20, §50, §100
Central bank Imperial Central Bank of Cygnia
Printer Bureau for the Printing of Currency
Mint Imperial Mint

The Sovereign is the official currency of the Empire of the United Cygnian States. It is subdivided into 100 pence.


Polymer series
Image Value colours Description Date of circulation
Front Back Front Back
5Sov-CYG-GoN 5Sov-rev §5 Pink Foreground: Ellory I — First monarch of modern Cygnia. Foreground: Federation Hall — The meeting place for the Imperial Congress of Cygnia. Also featuring the plans for the Hall. 2008 — present
Background: Janszoon's Fleet — The exploration fleet led by Willem Janszoon responsible for the first European sighting of Cygnia.
10Sov-CYG-JoW §10 Blue Foreground: Banjo Paterson — Cygnian bush poet. Notable poetry include "Waltzing Matilda", "The Man from Snowy River" and "Clancy of the Overflow". Foreground: Mary Gilmore — Cygnian poet. Notable poetry include "Battlefields" (1939) and "No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest" (1940) 2008 — present
Background: The bush.
§20 Red Foreground: Sir Frederick Northam — The first Chancellor of Cygnia. Foreground: 2008 — present
§50 Orange Foreground: Captain Willem Janszoon — Commanding officer of the Dutch fleet which first charted Australasia in 1606 and proclaimed the establishment of the first European Australasian colony at New Rotterdam in 1614. Foreground: 2008 — present
Background: Foundation Day — The proclamation of New Rotterdam establishment.
§100 Olive Foreground: Nancy Bird Walton — Famous Cygnian aviator. Foreground: 2008 — present
Background: Walton's plane.


Polymer series
Image Value Obverse Reverse
Obverse Reverse
5p The reigning Emperor's profile, with Latin text surrounding it. The current Emperor, Theodore V, has the following inscription: THEODORUS V, POPULI ET CONSTITUTII GRATIA CYGNORUM IMPERATOR, FIDEI DEFENSOR which translates to "Theodore V, by the Grace of the People and the Constitution Emperor of the Cygnians, Defender of Faith." An echidna.
10p A superb lyrebird.
20p A platypus.
Cygnian 50p coin reverse 50p The Coat of arms of Cygnia.
Cygnian S1 coin reverse §1 A kangaroo.
§2 An Aboriginal elder.

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