Cycaes was the capital of the Kingdom of Cycaenae and one of the most powerful and largest cities in the old world. It was located on Lake Chad.


Cycaes was founded in 49 BCE by Quick Warrior tribesmen. Neighboring villages of Sicans and local tribes quickly joined the great city as it grew over the next 20 years, until it become an ancient metropolis like that of Rome.


Cyceaes surpassed Rome in terms of population in 289 AD, having over 1.5 million residents. It was the richest city in Africa at its peak as well as the largest military, scientific, and cultural hub in Africa.

Major Buildings

  • The Great Colosseum of Cycaes-a 2 mile long stadium where captives of war, criminals, and useless slaves were massively slaughtered for entertainment. Occaisonally a military training base, homeless shelter, theater, and fortress.
  • Palace of the Queen-located next to the Great Colosseum, the Palace of the Queen is a huge stone palace looking like a mountain from outside. On the inside, an intricate system of tunnels connects the thousands of rooms, which are like small caves. Sometimes, the Palace of the Queen is a civilian shelter during war.
  • Piando's Garden-a massive tropical garden located on an island in the middle of Lake Chad. Legend has it that Piando, the brother of the Queen at the time and one of the greatest warriors, trained and meditated there with his giant pet frog.

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