The Kingdom of Cycaenae is a Sican nation. The capital city of Cycaes was founded in 49 BCE, but the first queen was officially crowned in 31 BCE. Its original territory was around Lake Chad, but at some point in time it controlled almost everywhere in Northern Africa.


After the King Grios War and the Sican Diaspora, the Quick Warrior tribe migrated south. Many already lived in Cycae's African territory, and when those colonies fell to Roman rule, the Quick Warriors migrated further south, although some stayed to resist Roman rule even more.

The Quick Warriors reached Lake Chad in 55 BCE. They almost immediately began constructing Cycaes, the great capital city of their country. Most of the population lived in or around Cycaes, fearing the feirce local barbarians.

The city-state had no official rule for 18 years, but instead citizens followed the guidelines of the Church of the Sicans and listened to priests and soldiers. But in 31 BCE, the first Queen was crowned, and the Kingdom of Cycaenae was officially born.

An interesting fact about Cycaenae is that the Queen is the primary governor and general, while the king is simply a religious figure and occaisonally a military leader.

Conflicts with Rome

The Cycaenaens were very powerful militaristically, as they were the Quick Warrior tribe. They never conquered and held lands, but instead sent their armies to battle, capturing and looting invaded territory, and bringing back what they obtained. The items they brought back were sold while the people they brought back were enslaved or slaughtered in the Great Colosseum of Cycaes.

Between 148 and 210 AD, the Cycaenaens raided Roman towns in North Africa rampantly, so much to the point that Roman citizens in Africa emigrated to Europe and Syria. This caused the Romans to, in 202 AD, attempt to conquer the Cycaenaens.

Since Cycaes was the only major city in their nation, the Romans saw the war as a short, easy siege. Instead, the siege lasted 15 years and was eventually broken by the Cycaenaens, who enslaved and killed their Roman captives. After that, Rome signed a peace treaty with the Cycaenaens, giving up almost all of their treasury. However, the Romans were allowed to keep their land in Northern Africa.

Conflicts with the Byzantines

The Byzantines attempted to capture Cycaes in 516. However, the defenses of Cycaes held out like it did years earlier. In 518, the Cycaenaens reversed the invasion and raided much of Byzantine Egypt, Judea, and even Anatolia.

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