In 1943 when the German army sucessfully captured most of European Russia, what some German troops allegedly found in Soviet Govermenal Labs were specifically mutaliated bodies, which had certain body parts replaced with Cybernetic material. What Nazi Scientists discovered were part of Stalin's twisted dreams of creating a "super soldier" a soldier which could not feel pain, nor anything and who was almot indestructable. Spetnaz volunteers were experimented on for several weeks however they all died within a few days, their nervous system was somehow removed, their arms and legs chopped off and replaced with robotic arms. All attempts failed.

World War I Great One WWI decomposed German soldier dead mud skull

An early victim of Soviet Cybernetics Research, this photo was taken by SS forces when found in a Soviet lab, in 1944

Nazi Experiementation

The SS ordered by Hitler were to design exactly what Soviet scientists had attempted but to actually make it work, and quickly. The first ever was "Adler Von Hiensburg", an SS soldier who had fought signicantly in France and North Africa. He volunteered himself to be the prototype, and within weeks his body was transformed rapidly.

SS Super Soldier

The prototype was then tested in Russia behind enemy lines, according to a classified Soviet document founded by American troops in 1951, a well armed Wehrmacht soldier struck a large Soviet convoy and sucessfully killed all 45 soldiers single handedly, the second documented evidence was when in 1943 during the second siege of Stalingrad, an SS trooper took out 5 Soviet machine gun nests and in the process eliminated almost 50 enemy soldiers.

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