2015- January- new hacker group DELTA 13 hacks into a Google Browser and posts a warning stating that the United states will fall by 2020. Media ignores it, even makes a mockery out of it. Google quickly retakes control of their browser and upgrades their security, upgrading passwords and installing a chief of cyber security- Ryan Zamburg.

-FEUBUARY- Delta 13 teams up with the all famous anonymous group and hacks into Washington DC servers. They upload masses of data and end up causing damage to pentagon systems. Simultaneously the power gets cut to DC. When the power comes back on, Delta 13 and Anonymous had almost complete control of sensitive data including top secret White House documents and threatened to release them to the public unless Obama withdraws troops from Afghanistan. Obama responded with an emergency security meeting in DC and formulated a plan to find and shut down Delta 13. The meeting was recorded with a camera that was connected to the DC server system, which Delta 13 hacked. They used the footage and posted a propaganda video to show how "desperate Obama was to keep secrets from spilling to the public".

-MARCH- Anonymous group members found their way into a satellite stations and breached the U.S. TV broadcast systems. TV's across America started to show the "desperate Obama" propaganda video. NSA tried and failed to regain control of the satellite systems. While the propaganda video showed for an hour, Delta 13 hacked into the nuclear power systems controlling America's power grid, and eventually, had complete manual control over the American power grid. While NSA was busy focusing on the television cyber attack, Delta 13 shut down several nuclear power plants across the United states causing black outs to ravage across the east coast, west coast, and mid west". The government was in shock when they tried to regain control over the power grid and failed miserably. Chaos followed

-APRIL- with the power being out for a full week, America goes into chaos. Those without generators find themselves short of supplies, and turn to desperate means. Riots and looting ravages through the United states. Many emergency buildings are running on emergency fuel, and are becoming strained as injuries and arrests rise. It's only a matter of time before the distribution of fuel, food and other vitals collapse. America is on the verge of became a hostile country. Delta 13 flips the power back on just when hospitals start to run out of generator power. Delta expresses that they have the power to do much worse and warn America to be careful in the future.

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