Cvidarrki ("Homeland" in Zheronian) is the home planet of the Zheronians, located in the Cigar Galaxy, in the constellation Ursa Major. The natural terrain of the planet is temperate with many caves, in which the batlike Zheronians evolved. As Zheronian society evolved, the entire planet was covered in a massive sprawling megalopolis.

As the Zheronian civilization expanded and began colonizing neighboring systems, Cvidarrki became the capital of a massive intergalactic empire connected by Interspacial Object Transportation. This empire was governed by the Assisted Domination theory of imperialism, in which large, influential factions of native species were supported to dominate the planet and neighboring systems. This doctrine caused the Zheronians to assist the Greater German Reich in Operation Sealion and subsequent operations. Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reich Foreign Minister, visited Cvidarrki for an audience with the Zheronian Emperor Kon'Glaphon.

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