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The Curtain of Ice speech was a major political speech given by Maudlandic Premier Thobias Mjoen in 1975. It outlined the change in Maudlandic foreign policy that brought it into conflict with New Swabia and its allies. It was given in front of a Western Block conference and helped give Maudland a purpose that had been lost with the granting of Autonomy in 1965.


New Swabian and Maudland had been in opposition to each other since the end of WWII when Maudland failed to replace the New Swabian Nazi party as New Swabia's governing party. The beginning of the New Swabian Civil War brought a great deal of hope to the Maudlandics but the failure of the Anti-Fascists to defeat the Nazi party meant that the Maudlandics had to eventually get involved. Anna Lykke's government had mostly stayed out of the New Swabian question preferring to leave it to the policy makers in Oslo. However, for Mjoen, a former military officer and strong anti-Fascist it was a logical step for the foreign policy of the newly autonomous nation.

The Speech

The Speech was given to the committee on Western Bloc Foreign Policies to support his position that it was the duty of the Free Democracies of Antarctica to oppose the Fascists wherever they were. The speech was as follows;

The great British politician Winston Churchill once mentioned an Iron Curtain that had descended across Europe, Here in Antarctica we have been lucky enough to stay out of that terrible conflict they call the Cold War. However, we face an even colder war, one that has long been fought between the two great ideologies of Antarctica. That of Fascism and Democracy, Our masters in America and Europe have thought that anything that opposes Communism can be our ally, I say that they are liars. Fascism can never be our ally, it is the true opponent of democracy and yet we ignore its plague that continues to spread.

From Buenos Aires in South America to Pretoria in South Africa and Nuemayer in New Swabia a curtain of fear, hostility and oppression has arisen, A Curtain of Ice and of the cold of Fascism has been created, It is the duty of all the free men to fight this curtain with all are might. It is my belief that together we can light a fire of democracy that with melt this Curtain of Ice and end the stench of Fascism for ever


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