Coat of Arms of the House of Morgannwg

The Coat of Arms of the Royal House of Morgannwg (National Arms Impaled with the Shield of Morgannwg)

The current succession law for the Welsh throne dates back to the reign of Arthur I of Wales (1795-1831). By Royal Decree (1819) the Welsh Throne would descend by male primogeniture from his line ie: the male children of Arthur. In 1947 there is an alteration to that law, made during the reign of Iago which allowed for pure primogeniture, meaning that the sex of the child was immaterial to the succession.

As a result, this is the current line of succession to the throne.

Current Monarch

Llewellyn III of Wales

The Line of Succession

  1. Prince Owain II of Glamorgan
  2. Princess Grace of Wales
  3. Prince Iestyn of Wales
  4. Princess Heledd of Wales
  5. Prince Iwan of Wales
  6. Prince Christian of Wales
  7. Princess Catrin of Wales
  8. Prince Otto Wittelsbach of Bavaria & Wales
  9. Princess Gabriella-Anke Wittelsbach of Bavaria & Wales
  10. Prince Carl Wittelsbach of Bavaria & Wales
  11. Prince Charles Wittelsbach of Bavaria & Wales
  12. Prince Pedro de Borbon y de Braganza
  13. Prince Alfonso de Borbon y de Braganza
  14. Princess Anna-Maria de Borbon y de Braganza
  15. Princess Isabella Hernandez
  16. Pepe Hernandez
  17. Prince Miguel de Borbon y de Braganza
  18. Prince Ferdinand de Borbon y de Braganza
  19. Prince Xavi Pedro de Borbon y de Braganza
  20. Cystenin Pugh
  21. Briallen Pugh

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