Official languages Papiamento, Netherish
Capital Willemstad
Largest Town Willemstad
Population 82,000
Our Timeline Equivalent Curaçao

Curasao is an island off the coast of Pacha, and an autonomous region of Netherland. It is also a part of the Netherish "ABC Islands", which also include Aruba and Bonaire.


Curasao was, before European colonization, populated by Arawak aboriginals, like most major islands in the Taino Sea. However, most of these Arawaks were wiped out by European diseases and ill-treatment under Portuguese rule. Later, the islands would come under Netherish rule, and a large population of African indentured workers were brought in. Now, people of African descent make up the plurality, followed by multi-race people, Europeans, Levantines, Orientals, and Arawaks.



70% Vegetarian
30% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

41% Ethiopian
32% multiple race
20% European
15% Netherish
03% Levantine
02% Oriental
01% Arawaks
01% others (Pachan groups, etc)


78% Papiamento
14% Netherish
08% others (English, Spanish, Lebanese, African languages, etc)

Note: Most people can speak two or more languages.


44% Cathar
31% Christian
25% Catholic
16% Nonreligious
11% atheist
05% agnostic
03% various African beliefs
02% Buddhist
02% Jewish
01% Hindu
01% other

Note - Only 37% of people go to church more than once per year.

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