In this TL there are plenty of cultural differences. There are differences in religion and script. There are also large differences in vocabulary.


Since the Carthaginians survived their language lived on. Like the Romance languages a series of Cartho languages were born. The most spoken Cartho language is Carthish which is spoken in the Cartho-Spain region, the Atlas region, and part of the Saharan region. German and Britanian are two new types of Romance languages which were developed in the northern roman regions. The Illyrian-Slavic dialect is another Romance type language which was turned into a dialect in the late 10th century common era. Another common Cartho language is Sahran. The Sahran language is spoken in the Southern Sahara region amongst villagers and Carthish is mainly spoken in the government. The last of the Cartho languages is Gizan. Gizan is spoken mainly in Egypt, but 20% of Arabians speak Gizan.

Not all languages in the Carthaginian area are Cartho based. The original Egyptian is still spoken amongst many of the descendants of the serfs of feudal Egypt.



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