The culture of Hindustan has been substantially altered.


Poetry contests in Hindustan is a core part of Hindustani culture. It was done during the rule of Azad Hind, when Hindustanis had no hope. However, during the 1800s Reform, the new technologies imported to Hindustan began science contests, which last to the present day.


Science in Hindustan is said to have begun during the 1800s Reform. Since then, science contests have been sponsored by the government.


Many festivals are celebrated in Hindustan. Festivals like Eid and Diwali are celebrated in grand ways by both the Hindus and the Muslims. In Delhi, the Emperor takes part in all festivals and, several times in the past, he has been the one to light and shoot a flaming arrow at Ravan during Dussehra. Respect for Hinduism has also caused a steep decline in animal sacrifice during Eid.

Halal-Jhatka Controversy

In the state of Punjab, Muslims are one of the largest minorities while Sikhs are the plurality. According to Sikhism, animals must be killed in a jhatka way, or a quick death. According to Islam, animals must be killed in a halal way, or a slow death. This has naturally caused much controversy and many Hindus, making up another large minority in Punjab, believe animals should be killed in a harmless way, or the jhatka way. This has caused there to be halal sections in Punjabi supermarkets, while all other meat is required by law to be killed in the jhatka way.

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