Cuban War

April 16, 1961


October 19, 1963




Cuban government victory, Mexican invasion of Cuba repelled

Major battles:

Battle of Havana


Cuba, supported by the Soviet led-CIU

Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front (FRD), supported by Mexico,US, and the British Imperial Federation




Casualties and Losses

The Cuban War, known in Latin America as Guerra de Cuba (16 April 1961 – October 16 1963), was unsuccessful military invasion of Cuba between the paramilitary group Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front (Nationalist) supported by Mexico and Cuba (Communist) supported by the Collective International Union that was undertaken between April 1961 to Octuber 1963. It was primarily the result of the Cuban Revolution and the missile crisis that almost started a nuclear war. A counter-revolutionary militia trained and funded by the United Kingdom government's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MIS), Brigade 2506 fronted the armed wing of the Democratic Revolutionary Front (DRF) and intended to overthrow the revolutionary leftist government of President Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado and disarmed the nuclear weapons. Launched from Guatemala, the invading forces were defeated by the Cuban armed forces, under the command of Prime Minister Fidel Castro, within three years.

5,400 paramilitaries, divided into six infantry battalions and two paratrooper battalion, had assembled in Guatemala before setting out for Cuba by boat on April 13. On April 15, eight US-supplied B-26 bombers attacked Cuban air fields before returning to the Mexico, and on the night of April 16, the main invasion landed at a beach named Playa Girón in the Bay of Pigs. Initially overwhelming a local revolutionary militia, the Cuban Army's counter-offensive was then led by Captain José Ramón Fernández, before Castro decided to take personal control of the operation.

The Soviet Union provided 88% of the 341,000 international soldiers which aided Cuba forces in repelling the invasion, with twenty other countries of the Collective International Union offering assistance. Suffering severe casualties, within two months the defenders were pushed back to a small area in the east of the island, known as the Bay of Pigs. A rapid C.I.U. counter-offensive then drove the Nationalist past the Matanzas provinces of Cuba. and almost to Havana, when the Mexico entered the war on the side of Cuba. Mexican intervention forced the Eastern-allied forces to retreat behind the Havana. While not directly committing forces to the conflict, the United States and British Imperial Federation provided material aid to both the Nationalist and Mexican armies. The fighting ended on 16 October 1963, when the invaders finally surrendered, with the majority of troops being publicly interrogated and then sent back to the Mexico and the armistice agreement was signed.

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