A World of Difference Flag of Cuba

Flag, Cuban Paramilitary

The Cuban Paramilitary is an "unofficial" branch of the Cuban Army, responsible for carrying out the invasion of the United States of America. Since October 2001, the Cuban Paramilitary has been involved in numberous operations in the southern United States, especially in areas such as Florida, Lousiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. 


The Cuban Paramilitary is not a legitimate army in and of itself; the Cubans do not have the resources to launch a full-scale invasion of the United States. In fact, the Paramilitary is composed of various pro-Cuban nationals, guns-for-hire, terrorists, and criminals driven to obey by the fear of the oppressive communist government. The Paramilitary does answer to Cuban Military Command, however. They are not renegade pillagers. Usual military tactics include hit-and-run attacks and seemingly random raids on supply lines. They will occupy cities of strategic or economic importance. 


On Ocbober 27, 2001, the Paramilitary launched a joint operation with the Cuban Air Force to bomb the cities of Miami, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana. Once resistance had retreated from those locations, the Paramilitary forces moved in to secure the streets and begin offloading more troops and supplies. The soldiers then commenced raids on outlying towns, occupying some and razing others. By February 2002, all US forces had retreated from Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia. 

Since March 2002, the US Army has been sending constant missions into occupied territory in attempts to liberate some of the southern towns, but they have not been successful. 

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