Background Information

As many of us know here on the Alternate History Wiki is that in September of 1983 there was a crisis which would surely have caused nuclear war if not averted. What many people don't know about is that there was a similar incident during the Cuban Missile Crisis, October 27, 1962 to be exact. On that day a group of 11 navy destroyers and an aircraft carrier (all belonging to the United States) surrounded a Soviet submarine and started dropping practice depth charges. The Soviet captain, Valentin Savitsky, believed that a war had already started and wanted to launch a nuclear-tipped torpedo. The third in command, Vasiliy Arkhkipov, disagreed with his two superior officers and went against the nuclear launch. As we know today Arkhipov was correct in not launching the torpedo and averting a nuclear war. This timeline explores the possibility that Arkhipov wasn't able to prevent his superiors from launching a torpedo, and a nuclear war began.


This is discontinued for the moment. Maybe I'll continue it someday, but for now I'd like to work on Primitive Europe.


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